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Our fleet

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Enclosed Slide Deck Transporter

2017 Mitsubishi Canter - Enclosed Transporter

Covered car transport is a must for Classic & Exotic cars to keep them away from the elements and damage whilst in transit. EXOTIC TOWING takes as much pride in your vehicles as we do of our own. With this, we can provide a bespoke service to you and your car’s needs.

High Value Car Transport

With the value of modern and classic & Prestige cars on the up we fully understand the importance of safe travel of such a vehicle. That's why all of our vehicles come with:

  • Customized slide deck with a zero-degree angle for low vehicles. 

  • Dedicated personalized service.

  • 24/7 Live street tracking.

  • Multi-car requests can be spread across transporters for safety.

  • Un-liveried and lockable transporters.

  • Discreet service.

The key features are:

  • Winch for non-runners.

  • Customized slide deck with a zero-degree angle for low vehicles.

  • Extra-wide opening for larger vehicles.


Slide Deck Transporter

2016 Mitsubishi Canter - Slide Deck Transporter

Our first truck in the fleet and she still looks like new.  This truck is a zero degree load angle slide deck, meaning we load your vehicle flat on the ground.  The drop-down ramp has been modified to accommodate the lowest of vehicles and related with smooth checker plate to avoid marring soft compound racing slicks on the sharp edges found in some pressed metal or mesh ramps.  This is our day to day service truck that services the majority of our customer's needs


  • Zero Degree Loading Angle (Lay Flat Slide Deck)

  • Low Profile Stainless Side Rails

  • Smooth plate approach ramp

  • Custom stainless steel finishes and toolbox.

  • LED side marker lights installed.

what makes us different

Car transport, towing and recovery are usually undertaken by a generic eight-car trailer over a low-cab truck or your average towie with an open rollback. That is unless you’re dealing with the upper echelon of the car market – where specialist service, care, and discretion are valued above all else.

Among those who are fortunate enough to own a car that can be considered rare, exotic, high performance, or classic, there exists the need – every now and then – to transport that machine under the radar. It might be just imported for a discerning collector to be moved to its new marble-floored, climate-controlled home. Or a highly Instagrammable supercar that must be trucked up to the main dealer for a teardown service. Or one that’s suffered at the hands of a ham-fisted driver, on its way to one of a few specialist repairers – large insurance claim on the horizon. Whatever the situation, the owners of these cars often want them protected from the elements and kept out of the public’s eye – and the reach of their grubby paws – while in transit.

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