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Exotic Towing was started by Owen Evan of Evans European, when Owen saw a need in the market.   Sar was employed as a driver and as his passion for the business grew he decided to take up the offer to purchase the business to realise the potential that he could see for the business.


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While Exotic Towing is now an independant company our relationship with Evans European is just as strong as ever.  

Exotic Towing is the sole provider of towing services to Evans European and their customers.



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Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.  At Exotic Towing we tow quality automobiles and so it stands to reason that quality should be a fundamental part of our philosophy.  From the way we build our trucks to the way we secure your car during transport, everything we do is geared to ensure that our service, reflects the quality of your vehicle.  Take a minute to look around one of our trucks and you will see quality even in the places no one sees from the LED work lights inside the toolbox to driver comfort provided by our custom interior. 


When you need to transport your exotic or classic car you want the peace of mind that the truck and operator will take as much care of your pride and joy as you do. That's why your exotic towing operator will always be in a clean and well-presented uniform. As for a clean truck, Sar is renowned far and wide for being a stickler for cleanliness. In fact, we challenge you to snap a photo of a dirty Exotic Towing truck, you'll have a better chance photographing a unicorn.


SAFETY & Protection

When transporting expensive and priceless motor vehicles you become obsessive about safety and protecting your customers ride.  At Exotic Towing we have invested heavily in MAC's Premium Tie Down Systems to ensure that your vehicle once secured doesn't move an inch. The microfibre padded tie-down covers protect finished mag wheels from scratches that can occur with other systems.  Our ZeroDegree slide deck transporters ensure your vehicle is loaded safely on the ground away from the ramps of yesteryear 


Sar is famous for his service, It takes him a long time to hire staff as he is very particular to ensure that anyone who wears the Exotic Towing logo on their chest can match the quality and service that our customers have come to expect.  When you use Exotic Towing you know the service you are going to receive is second to none. No corners will be cut and both you and your car will be treated with the utmost respect and care. If you haven't already give us a try

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While the team at Exotic Towing come to the party with a wealth of experience they are not ones to look in the rearview mirror.   Rather Sar and his team are always looking for new and innovative ways to delight their customers.  2020 Saw the completion of our latest innovation. New Zealand's first, fully enclosed, zero-degree approach, slide-a-side, enclosed transporter. No expense has been spared in building this truck including building it wide enough for large footprint supercars and hypercars

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